With a fireproof rating of UL94, our stainless steel tags can withstand temperatures between -60 to +300 degrees centigrade. They are resistant to a variety of chemicals, salts and acids, even at elevated temperatures, making them ideal for use in marine, oil and gas applications. Tags and ties are non-toxic and halogen-free, as well as being UV-resistant, making them impervious to long exposure outdoors. Our stainless steel tags and ties are ideal for applications where corrosion, vibration, radiation or temperature extremes are present.

Our stainless steel cable ties are uncoated with a rollerball locking mechanism, also 100% Grade 316 stainless steel, for fast and easy installation and have rounded edges for safe handling. The fully enclosed head means that dirt and grit do not interfere with the locking mechanism, ensuring a perfect lock even in harsh conditions. We offer ties in two widths – our 4.6mm ties have a minimum loop tensile strength of 445N (45kg) and our 7.9mm ties have a strength of 1112N (113kg).

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